Film Course by Coen Haver International Cinemas | Italian Cinema - The dark side of La Dolce Vita

Coen Haver will take you on a journey through the typical elements of various national cinemas. What narrative and audiovisual elements make a typical French, Italian or American Indie movie? By discussing the cultural and social influences on different national cinemas, Coen Haver tries to find an answer to that question.

Each night features one specific national cinema, making it possible to attend specific dates. For further information about the other parts of the course, click here. 


About Coen Haver

Coen Haver (1986) studied Theater & Film at Utrecht University. Since 2010, he is the owner of Kupenda Films, a film production company that aspires to make sincere and moving movies. His best-known film is MIJN STUK GELUK, which won several awards. The main characters are portrayed by Marloes van den Heuvel and Hetty Heyting. The film was shown at the film festival in Shanghai and at the Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam, among others.

Coen also gives film courses and lectures in film theaters throughout the Netherlands, he organizes film network evenings and is a regular guest in podcasts. By doing this, he wants to contribute to the further development of the Dutch film landscape.

Praktische informatie

Zaal/Ruimte Zaal 2
  Van Tot Toelichting
€ 9.50

Dag Van Tot Toelichting
Donderdag 19 september 2019 20:00
Donderdag 19 september 2019 20:00

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5616 LZ, Eindhoven